weekly tarot forecast

September 24th through 30th

We enter this week juggling, though possibly causally, these Two ofDiscs and making some
real progress with our internal works. The last week may have been a tough one to get through,
but we are feeling the weight lift this week.We are able to see ourselves as we contribute to our own problems and continuously insist that we don’t need things we do need and do need the things we don’t. We are able to see ourselves with a useful and objective ease for at least a few days.


Take advantage of this and see how much anger and hurt you may be able to shed in light of it. Remember this: a person who uses your flaws against you is never right about those flaws. Yes, you do the thing your ex said made you a monster. Or made you worthless. Or both. They were angry and you are neither a monster or worthless. You are a person with many sides and reactions. You can see the objective truth in a flaw and do something to curb its impact without taking a single accusation or label from someone with whom you once fought deep terrible fights.

This week itself is characterized by the Ten of Discs, lovely omen that welcomes what can be used to greatest material gain and eschews unwanted and unneeded emotional attachments.
You don’t owe your former spar partners anymore of you including residual stubbornness. Go
over what hurt and angered you last week and detach yourself by becoming a person unknown
to those of former acquaintance.
The handsome King of Wands will meet you at the end of the week. Plan something easy and
special. Have a couple of friends together for a tea or a little wine and incense. Plan something
that will contribute to your sense of confidence and expand the possible within a field of interest.
This King is a good networker and can be broadly social, he is also kind of a deep guy. He
maybe didn’t mean to be that guy, but he wound up seeing many things because he is so
curious. Celebrate something at the end of the week. Invite the King of Wands to tell you his stranger stories. Invite a relaxed atmosphere where each may connect by sense of heart of mind. You are doing a good job no matter how you sometimes feel.

You are loved


By Michelle Embree

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weekly tarot forecast

September 17th through September 23rd


This is a strong week with a call for deep pause in our thinking concerning our pursuits.
Justice greets us this week with her eyes wide open and her willingness to discern the moral
quality of actions. This Justice sits behind no bench or blindfold, she wields no gavel, and
tolerates no lawyers. This Justice is truth, she hears all her own cases and bows to none.
Justice is maturity and a genuine appreciation of balance. When truth is told we may find that
our quest for balance is consistently undercut by our desire for the opposite. In a cultural
circumstance of mediated mass anxiety juxtaposed to an ethic of personal responsibility to
acquire and demonstrate ‘happiness’, balance is often not at all what we are seeking. Instead
we are seeking a ‘feeling’, some kind of ‘feeling’, any ‘feeling’ because what I describe above is
numbing and counter to our most pressing human needs. Let yourself tell yourself the ways you
seek ‘feeling’ of any kind to jump yourself out of the ‘numb’. Ask. Listen. Act.
Justice greets this week as a spiritual maturity. She uses her sense of sight to look. She uses
her power of voice to speak of what she can plainly see. She uses her Third Eye to see who you
really are as an earthbound soul in character for now. Justice is strong, step into the energy she
The week itself is characterized by our valiant Knight of Swords in reverse. Repose might be a
better word because this Knight is taking time to consult with her most trusted counsel. This is a
week for thinking through goals, values, and alliances. Make sure those around you are on the
same page, don’t assume. Make sure you understand your own expectations and check to see
if you can reasonably expect these to be fulfilled. Unconscious expectations will take you down.
Period. Revise and reorder as necessary. Be clear in word, deed, and ritual action.
You are the Hero of your story-- so take care in who you become through the experiences of the
actions you choose to take.
At the end of the week we are met by the cool and enigmatic embrace of the High Priestess.
She is exactly what you need because your flaws and your recklessness, your selfishness, and
your primal desperations are all private affairs best sorted in the company of this Queen of the
Underworld. It is her job to see you alone and have no desire for how you should be.
Fall into her and grow from the shadows because there is no other way.
You are beautiful and you are blessed. Come what may, you are loved.


Michelle Embree

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weekly tarot forecast

September 10th to September 16th

We come into the week strong with the Six of Discs under our feet. This is the time to think
about our successes large and small. It would be of benefit to write these down. Go back as far
as you like. Go back to something that felt like success when you were very young, if you like.
Go over as many memories of success as you can recall and be certain that you are forgetting
at least a few.
Remind those you know and love and work with of times they have been successful. The idea is
to create a powerful focus on success itself. This focus will create both motivation and fortitude,
it will indicate to our seeking brain that we are on the look-out for the tools and connections we
need to advance our most worthy pursuits.
The week itself is characterized by the Five of Wands. How we experience this energy will vary
greatly from person to person. This may indicate the ongoingness of an ongoing dispute or a
conflict of purposes. If you are engaged in a long term battle, this week may well be loud. Be
ready to stay calm and focus on the foundation of success you have been actively creating.
The Five of Wands for others may feel more like a wave of energy in a creative conflict. Much
inspiration and perspective can be made available under the influence of this energy. Ask for
feedback and take it. Unsolicited feedback never need be regarded. Keep a close
understanding of what feedback you need and from whom you need it. Pay deep attention to
the voices that inform you from within and without.
Ride the wave of conflicting desires this week and stay in line with where you think you are
going. We all make the best company when we do so.
The end of the week wraps us up in the wide open arms of The Fool. This is a big open heart
waiting to have a laugh with us. If you need to admit you were wrong this is a good time to do
that. If you need to accept a new beginning you will find yourself in great humor on the subject.
Make a list of your successes. Prepare to stay calm. Have some laughs.


You are Loved,
Michelle Embree

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weekly tarot forecast

September 3rd to September 9th


We enter the week on the Four of Cups. This is a moody and enigmatic card that is turning over frequently in readings both individual and collective. This card means feelings, yours or someone else’s, but feelings for certain.

Last week brought confusion and possibly a suspicious mind, but this week can shape up to be quite different. The Four of Cups, especially as depicted by the Waite-Smith deck, may indicate relief from loneliness or abandonment. It might mean that we accept an offering of objects or of emotions. The Four of Cups may mean a renewal of life in the form of human connection.


If you see yourself as the giver of the cup, look closely.

To give only what is needed and desired is to know the quality of deep respect.

To be received in your respect is to be given unto.

If you see yourself as the giver of the cup, look closely at your approach.

The week itself is characterized by The Ace of Wands. This is pure fire and it means inspiration combined with motivation. This energy is well suited to those who know how long it really takes to get something done, how much it costs, and what percentage of initially interested persons will really show-up. If you have some experience, this is perfect ‘go-time’ energy for you.

If you are not the above type, hitch your wagon to the star of someone who is the type and has the experience. We don’t need to invent everything from scratch, sometimes we can just pitch in where we know we can give and receive in meaningful ways.

The week rounds out with The Wheel of Fortune. Your best efforts this week will pay out to you with a variety of satisfactions. Focus on doing your best for the best reasons with humility and gratitude and you will find something special waiting for you at the end of the week.

How could you not?


Be brave. You are loved.


weekly tarot forecast

August 28th to September 2nd

The best question to answer right now: how will I use my time during a week when I’m unlikely to get through to anyone or anything? In other words, expect delays and prepare a course of action based in navigation rather than avoidance.

Repeat as often as necessary this week: It’s not about me.

Lucky for us, we enter the week with our Four of Coins in a protective formation. Now is the time to preserve energy, play your cards close to your chest, and stay out of anything that does not specifically require your input.


The character of the week itself is revealed by this Six of Cups in reverse. This is not the week to try to get more than appears readily available. Give everyone, including yourself, a big round of slack for forgetfulness and tired souls, for distractedness and basic inconsideration.

Repeat as often as necessary this week: It’s bigger than me.

Be reserved in your words for a few days. In terms of strategy, it will make your enemies nervous and your friends intrigued. In terms of timing, advancing your agenda or seeking fulfillment for your needs is simply not going to happen this week. You will only frustrate yourself more if you try too hard or need it too fast. My personal prescription is laughter and general care-taking. Ask other people what they need in small ways and gently try to make a smile. Be thoughtful and ready to step back so that people may simply be themselves in the moment. And then, let it go. This is really the recipe for the sweetest gift we can give.

How will you use this time? That is the question to ponder as The Hermit greets us in finishing out the week. This is a fortuitous event for those who take a careful repose this week. The Hermit offers a magical light, a light that turns paradox into wisdom and confusion into patterns.

Be light of gesture and of heart. Take sweet notes on the best of those you know and of life itself. You will be rewarded by insight and a sense of self.


Repeat as often as necessary: We are loved.


Michelle Embree


weekly tarot forecast

August 20th to August 26th


The Four of Cups carries a wide variety of meaning among those who seriously practice cartomancy. It is a card that preserves the deep and necessary mystery of Tarot. We need cards that do resolve in a basic collective agreement. We need symbols that remain personal because it is how we check ourselves as readers and how we remember that an Oracle is a living story. The Four of Cups is a card that you may spend a lifetime considering if you so choose.

This week opens with the Four of Cups and the many possibilities of meaning it might hold. I recognize this card as a regard to the limits of expectation versus the reality of feeling. We desire in hopes that we will feel something we wish to feel when we gain the desired object or circumstance. When we are not sure what we want to feel, we choose what other people say makes them feel something positive and we try that.


Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Nothing serves you what you want to feel always and forever. Write it down if need be. The Four of Cups reminds us to be glad when we get what we want and to carry our dreams as steadily over the terrain that makes us feel what we want to feel as we do when those dreams cross territories of lesser desires.

This is the perfect time to think about expectation and the feelings we want to feel. This is the opportune week to notice from what and from whom you expect to get the feelings you want to feel. The Four of Cups is a card that will take you on a quest that alters your ability to both adapt and to gain more of the feelings you most desire. This is the perfect week to engage the Four of Cups and see where you end up.

With the Queen of Wands characterizing the week itself and The Magician showing up at the end, we have a deeply magical welcome for our discoveries of what motivates our words and actions which ultimately become the quality of the life we live and remember. It matters to think deep and well on this subject.

The Queen of Wands is the Witch among the Queens and her Metaphysical consort is most certainly The Magician. To know thyself, of course, is the foundation of greatest power. Think it over because the Mighty Ones are here with big offers to those willing.


Be brave. You are loved.

Michelle Embree


weekly tarot forecast

August 6th - August 12th

We start the week with real Strength. In this card we see something of high value and integrity, we see the strength that comes from being trustworthy. The woman in this card has made no effort to ‘tame’ or constrict the mighty lion. Quite to the contrary, this lion approached the figure of Strength from the depth of his own free will. Maybe he has a toothache or something stuck in his gums. The lion chose this person because she is strong enough to be truly trustworthy.

It takes courage to provide others with the information they need to make the best choices for themselves. It takes strength of real depth to use your flirt only when you mean it. It takes integrity of the most vital order to make meaningful apologies that amount to actual change.

If we desire the stature of greatness in truth, we become the essence of Strength and never look back. Tell the truth this week. Right your wrongs. Credit your benefactors. Step into your highest self and be liberated.

The week itself is characterized by the Six of Cups appearing in reverse. Those around you are your mirror and you may not like everything you see this week, but the energy offers an excellent chance to take strides in who you are now and whom you most desire to be as time flows ever forward.

Make time to see the balance of giving and receiving between yourself and those around you. Pay careful attention to where you withhold or dismiss. The object of the game this week is to see what exists in your own blind spots. It is an impossible game to win but play it anyway because we each need to remember that even in the places we don’t see ourselves we remain responsible for the effect we make on our fellows.

Take this opportunity seriously because the week rounds out with the Death card. This means you have the available energy necessary to make sustained and informed transformations. Every time you make yourself more of who you really desire to be, you make space for another to do the same. One by one, we help one another when we take responsibility for our own flaws and lessons, for our own strengths and weaknesses.  


Big Love. Be blessed.

Michelle Embree


weekly tarot forecast

July 31st to August 5th

The Wheel of Fortune opens a week prepared to offer chances and open opportunities. It is in our best interest to look for both in every experience. Our chance may exist inside an unpleasant event or a disappointing moment. Our opportunities may present themselves as we face challenges we would prefer to avoid.

Look at everything as if there is a prize at the center because that’s the only way you are going to find it if it is there. We are not exactly ready for where we are going even though it may be something we have worked toward or dreamed about. The best things that happen to us come with fear and stress, with doubt and confusion. Use your teas and tinctures and remember to breathe. This week has an edge but you can choose which side of it you stand on.


The Judgement card appears mid-week in a reversed position. Though the week is offering we seem to be in a mood to decline but this is no reason not to notice what we are putting off for another stretch of time. We We might call it a growth spurt or just a change in the way we operate and approach. Choose the words that suit you and use this week to get ready for the next level that you may claim soon as you so choose.

This is a good time for clearing the physical body with long baths and strong commitments to declare new territory for yourself. Check in with your priorities and keep your focus while you cope with nerves and make plans for how to handle the worlds beyond your comfort zones.

The Seven of Swords meets us at the end of the week in a reversed position and offers us a solid opportunity to know our truth and leave behind what no longer applies or suits or offers something inspiring to our shine.


Lean into the challenges you face and be ready to support those around you in keeping the faith.


Big Love. Be blessed.


Michelle Embree


weekly tarot forecast

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Michelle Embree began her study of Tarot in 2002 and continues to evolve both her understanding of the philosophy of Tarot and her capacity as an Oracle. She is a writer of ‘ritual’ fairytales and an inspired Storyteller. Join her here every Sunday to see what's in store for the coming week.

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