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VVitch Bottle | Guardian | Protection Vial | Spell | Fast Luck | Love | Abundance | Peace | Quartz


Oriented + crafted to engage with positive spirits, animal messages, and elementals. Each bottle includes brilliant Lemurian seed quartz additions and will include earth elements like salt or sulphur with floral ingredients and other herbal additions. Bottles are crafted with deep heart seeded gratitude, compassion and awareness. 

May Contain any of the following | White Sage, Ash, Charcoal, Purple Lotus, Black Salt, White Salt, Sulphur, Sweetgrass, Wild Oat, Vervain, Borage, Bee Balm, Rose, Okra Seed, Smoke, Palo Santo, Sunflower or other ingredients. 

Useful as active helper or curio. It can be applied in scrying, gazing, channeling and meditation. They work well with Tarot and any type of energy healing exercises. 

For party inquiries or order of 15+ please send us an email awesome idea for wedding favors, corporate events, or birthdays.

This information is not intended to treat or cure any disease. As with all ills, please consult a physician for personal care. We legally can offer no guarantee or assurance of metaphysical influence. Thank you.

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