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Space Nun |

Our only wand without a deity name. She was birthed of herself. An idea spun by a pen drawing. Astronaut secret cosmonaut. She wished herself born. So it was. Now she is! Space Nun is a comic explorer with a great sense of humor. Applying the Esoteric philosophy of "As above so below" she was crafted as a carrier between the worlds for her guardian. Built with a polished glass sphere and multiple layers of pigment and materials, she is a good weight with a powerful energy. Useful for translocation work, OBEs, Astral plane exploration and work involving Astrology or the constellations as a medium. 

Nola Esoteric vvands are made using a composite material of resin, wax, polymers and vinyl. Pigments are both oil and water based. Wands are conceived using fire magick and months of time. Many melted fingers and scorched talons go into this work. These are not cheap toys. They are designed and crafted for use in High Magick, Brujeria, Santeria, Hoo Doo and other rites.

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