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Danburite + Carved wooden skull

Wife of sea god Neptune, Salacia rules the merfolk, seahorses and all the realms of the ocean including marine life and plants. Since her lineage speaks to living between the worlds, we channeled her deepest power and birthed this wand. Living somewhere between here and death she exists in the dream state. Ever swimming and wandering about, ruling all she oversees. This wand is created especially for water-centric people, those who are connected to airs of nymph and fae, necromancers of the day and night and worshipers of ocean deity.

Nola Esoteric vvands are made using a composite material of resin, wax, polymers and vinyl. Pigments are both oil and water based. Wands are conceived using fire magick and months of time. Many melted fingers and scorched talons go into this work. These are not cheap toys. They are designed and crafted for use in High Magick, Brujeria, Santeria, Hoo Doo and other rites.

This information is not intended to treat or cure any disease. As with all ills, please consult a physician for personal care. We legally can offer no guarantee or assurance of metaphysical influence. Thank you.

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