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Nyx |

This is one of our favorite wands. Nyx is the river which the dead must cross to reach the gates of Hades. It's also the name of the vvitch goddess in charge of getting them there. In this wand, we've compiled the energies of necromancy, resurgence and guidance. The best part about this wand is her point. A quartz laser tops the vvand itself and has a hole drilled through it. Here we can become Nyx the fisher of the souls of the dead. Helpful in ritual work, divination and all necromancer rights. We recommend tying a thin string or line through the hole and securing a temptation to the end. A small coin, feather or fresh layered flower would suffice. Use it to tempt and tease your spirits. Imbibe them to join you and walk along a river together. Oh Nyx, born of Chaos. Our guardian of the night.

Nola Esoteric vvands are made using a composite material of resin, wax, polymers and vinyl. Pigments are both oil and water based. Wands are conceived using fire magick and months of time. Many melted fingers and scorched talons go into this work. These are not cheap toys. They are designed and crafted for use in High Magick, Brujeria, Santeria, Hoo Doo and other rites.

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