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Hekate |

Hekate guards the crossroads. She is the goddess of vvitches and brings them blessings. Entire cults have been dedicated to the work of Hekate. Modern temples exist in her name. Hekate brings generous blessings and abundance to those who honor her. She walks with two dogs. She carries a torch representing her enlightenment and keys, representing the doorway to the underworlds. Useful for all vvitches particularly necromancers and those working with gray magick. Hekate's wand is topped with a three Danburite points. Each possess rainbow inclusions. 

Danburite |

Aids in connecting to the universal mind. Energies are uplifting and dramatic. Used in lucid waking dreams. That is, conjuring and manifesting your will in radical ways. It can also sooth into a trance or relaxed mind, for further work. It opens the heart and stimulates the mind. Thereby opening doorways for it's guardian. 

Nola Esoteric vvands are made using a composite material of resin, wax, polymers and vinyl. Pigments are both oil and water based. Wands are conceived using fire magick and months of time. Many melted fingers and scorched talons go into this work. These are not cheap toys. They are designed and crafted for use in High Magick, Brujeria, Santeria, Hoo Doo and other rites.

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