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Erato | 

Erato is the Muse of lyrical poetry. She sings, plays her lyre and writes. She wears roses and myrtle. Little doves eat seeds at her feet as she cultivates and creates beautiful word and rhyme. Representing beauty, peace and creativity this wand was created with her in mind. The rainbow titanium quartz catches, reflects and inspires light particles while the dichroic glass has been reused and sings a new tune. This wand was crafted with care for a creative writer, artist or singer. Use it to clear your space with verbal or musical wills and ways. Meditate for an exit door to writers block. Inspire the light in your life with Erato.

Titanium Aura Quartz | Known as the stone of astral, or visionary, psychic journeys. It's extremely useful for creative blocks, third eye visions and other related activities. We use the highest quality TAQ which is treated with minimum heat, maximum pressure, and pure metals. 

Dichroic Glass | Upcycled glass which has been cracked in a ritual fire and re-fuzed in this wand. Dichroic glass isn't a crystal, it's actually layers of gold and silver with metal oxides like titanium, chromium, aluminum and others. It's hand made with electron beam pressure inside of a vacuum chamber. Excellent for visions and cultivating new creative ideas.

Nola Esoteric vvands are made using a composite material of resin, wax, polymers and vinyl. Pigments are both oil and water based. Wands are conceived using fire magick and months of time. Many melted fingers and scorched talons go into this work. These are not cheap toys. They are designed and crafted for use in High Magick, Brujeria, Santeria, Hoo Doo and other rites.

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