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Gemini Helio Promotion | Unicorn | Gold Metallic | Glass | Tumbler | Planchette | Ancestors | Altar | Spell | Ritual | Goblet | Witch | Mercury | Magic

14.00 16.00

This glass is a frosted mystical treasure. Representing the god Mercury the Unicorn connects the messages of the airwaves to the Earth plane. Use this glass for your spirited cocktails. Or conjure recipes from the spirits via a ouija board using this elaborate planchette. Fill with water to use resonance and increase guidance!

Frosted with a stunning raised gold-tone embossed print. Reclining unicorn design is flashy and entirely too hard to difficult to capture in a photo. Must be seen to be truly appreciated. Take our word for it, we kept one similar for our collection. 

3.25in diameter 4.25in tall weighty tumbler over 11oz total.

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