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Swamp Witch Skincare | Exorcism + RSVISE Set | Clay Mask | Charcoal | Moisturizer | Sensitive Skin | Purifying | Self Care | Glamour


We're excited to offer this powerful pair. Purchase together and save. Designed to use with the other, our EXORCISM mask pulls out inner skin demons while RSVISE repairs, restores, and rebuilds the sub-dermal layers. Our customers have reported with one use EXORCISM purifies their skin's appearance while RSVISE has restored youthful glow, collagen, and reduced fine lines, scars, and inflammation. 


This product was designed for deep detoxification + rejuvenation. It draws out impurities, impending skin doom, and buried dead funk. We do not advise using this product any less than three days before desired results. In other words, don't use this if you want to be pretty the next day. **Your skin will likely be preforming it's own exorcism for up to three days following the first application** 
Post-mask results will include red, puffy, "warm" skin that may feel similar to a niacin flushing. Your face may be sensitive for up to 12 hours following this treatment. During the final phase of EXORCISM, your face will flake like a dry lizard. The EXORCISM face mask was designed to be paired with RSVISE moisturizing oil treatment.

Ingredients |

Moroccan red clay | Minimizes pores and impurities. Tones, balances, and nourishes skin.
Activated Charcoal | Draws out impurities and toxins.
Orris root powder | Soothing + moisturizing. Anti-bacterial. Encourages glowing, youthful skin.
Hawthorn powder | Known to neutralize free-radical damages. Anti-inflammatory and packed with anti-oxidants. 

2oz container. About 6-8 therapeutic uses or 10-12 sheer applications. We recommend blending with mineral spring water for best results. May also be combine with olive or other carrier oils for severely dry skin concerns. We use fair trade + organic ingredients.


Ingredients are organic + therapeutic grade with focus on cellular restoration, turnover, protection, and rejuvenation. This is a concentrated, efficacious product designed to be used in partnership with our charcoal + clay mask EXORCISM. 

Base Ingredients |

Jojoba Oil | Nourishing + Balancing for all skin types. 
Avocado Oil | Contains omega-3 fatty acids. Smooths + Soothes troubled skin.
Olive Oil | Known for it's anti aging + sacred properties
Argan oil | Contains anti-oxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid. Soothes inflammation.
Baobab oil | Rejuvenatory action. Protects skin from weather extremes + environmental stressors. 

Active Ingredients |

Frankincense | Encourages skin cell rejuvenation + turnover. Heals scar tissue + stretch lines. Minimizes pores, lifts, tightens and firms skin tone. Known to be anti-bacterial + reduce inflammation. 
Myrrh | Contains terpenoids which are known for anti-inflammatory + antioxidant effects. Useful for balancing + soothing skin.
Roman Chamomile | Inhibits DNA oxidative damage. Soothes, heals, and relaxes tired skin.

Secondary Ingredients | 
Douglas Fir
| Relaxing for nerves and muscles. May reduce fine lines caused by tension, stress, and dehydration. 
Fennel | Restores youthful glow. Soothes + heals skin.
Vitamin E | Mixed tocopherols. Moisturizer + preservative. 

1oz bottle. Not intended for internal use. Suitable for tattoo maintenance post-healing. Excellent for acne sufferers and those concerned with fine lines and aging.

Please test skin before use. RSVISE bottle is 1oz. Exorcism mask is a 2oz container.

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