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Salve | Pluto | Solid Perfume | Moisturizer | Commanding | Matriarch | Abundance | Dragons blood | Cardamom | Attraction

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Pluto solid perfume + balm is a stunning multi use salve. I created it as a compelling comrade to aid in gaining [ or regaining ] personal power, creating a more alluring aura, and potentially attracting [ monetary + sexual ] gains and confidence.  

The scent experience is vast, multifaceted, shapeshifting, resonant, and sensual. Pluto conjure balm may help with glamouring, sweetening, fixing, or bending work. For that reason it may bring people to you. In our experience people will identify why they're attracted to speak to you by beginning with a complement on your fragrance! 

We began creating this product using warm and cool compounding under the Scorpio Full Moon and once it's sold out it will be unavailable until October. Ingredients include a whole dragons blood resin extraction + reduction. Cold enfleurage of sweet red apple with whole botanicals of cardamom and white sage. Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils of basil, arborvitae, douglas fir, and patchouli in a base of shea butter and castor oil.

1oz screw top tin. A little goes a long way. Not suitable for humans with corn allergies. Please test before use. 


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