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Salve | Rapture | Solid Perfume | Moisturizer | Mood | Balance | Citrus | Tangerine | Bergamot | Yellow Rose


Rapture began as a personal remedy of ours for chronic depression. In it's own time it's evolved from an oil based roll-on treatment we sold in-house to a conjure salve we recommend for the blues, sad spells, or even crippling depression. It's ingredients are joyous, uplifting, and promise a new day comes. It smells of smooth rose with astringent citrus high notes. Rapture is best rubbed clockwise over the heart + chest with Psalm 23. We highly recommend pairing it with an uncrossing salt soak or a sparkle bath. 

Ingredients include certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils of frankincense, wild orange, bergamot, petitgrain, tangerine, red mandarin, and more. With hot and cold whole botanical Enfleurage of organic yellow roses and orange peel. Shea butter base. Crafted carefully in a complex 3 month process. A little goes a long way.

Por la brisa viene acuerdos de nuestros pecados. Rapture is here. 

 [ this product is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. If you suffer from depression please speak to a qualified medical professional ]

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