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Salt Soak | Moon | Coconut | Hyssop | Rue | Irish Moss | Orris | Jasmine | Eucalyptus | Cypress | White Fir | Sweet Fennel | Geranium

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This product contains essential minerals, botanicals, and oils specific to the Moon. Designed to calm, nourish and sooth moody skin this soak also contains powerful coconut milk powder. With a salt base of Epsom + Dead Sea salt featuring organic botanicals like Irish Moss, Hyssop, Rue, Orris Root Powder, and Jasmine buds. Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils include Eucalyptus, Cypress, Fennel, Siberian Fir, Geranium, and more. 

Scent | Sweet, bitter, brine, floral. Reminiscent of the gulf beaches in early Summer. A candied breeze promising sundown. The darkness falls on the cooling sand. The air is salty, almost saturated in minerals. The Moon has come for her shift. A gust of ancestral breeze runs through your hair, as the black waves kiss your toes. Darkness returns to Earth. Shadow work and wet faces. Each season reminding us, there is nothing salt water cannot heal.

Open herbaceous notes, restore the energy body. Protective, fiercely resilient allies rallying for you. Emotions going underwater. The baptized self is restored. This is a holy ritual. The moon, our mother. Soft, sweet, and feral. Taking time to hide at times. Self care is not selfish.

Choose 1oz, 3oz, or 6oz transparent pouch. Made on the Dark Moon in Cancer.  

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