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** this product now comes by the ounce in a pouch and not a tin container ***

First women of creation. Lilith arose from the exile of otherworld with a label of demon. Pure femme power, resisting those who sought to enslave her. There is no need to prove her might. She owes no explanation. Uncrossing + empowering without apology. Condemned for demanding equality. Lilith is rising again. Black as night and ready to fight we rise with our mother. Hail Lilith! HAIL WOMXN!

Ingredients include certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils of Cypress, LemongrassBlack Pepper, Geranium, and others. With organic Hyssop and Jasmine buds

Sold by 3, 6, or 9 ounces. Comes in transparent zip closure bag. 

We advise avoiding deep inhalation this product as the activated charcoal may make you choke! This is not an aromatherapy smelling salt this is purely a salt soak for the bath. Charcoal may temporarily stain unsealed bathtubs. Please test before use.

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