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RSVISE | Moisturizer | Skincare | Nourishing | Calming | Swamp Witch | Frankincense | Myrrh | Argan | Chamomile

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RSVISE moisturizer is an Oil treatment designed for daily use. All base ingredients are organic and we only use certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. RSVISE was made with a focus on cellular restoration, turnover, protection, and rejuvenation. This is a concentrated, efficacious product with rave reviews.

Base Ingredients

Jojoba Oil | Nourishing + Balancing for all skin types. 
Avocado Oil | Contains omega-3 fatty acids. Smooths + Soothes troubled skin.
Olive Oil | Known for it's anti aging + sacred properties
Argan oil | Contains anti-oxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid. Soothes inflammation.
Baobab oil | Rejuvenatory action. Protects skin from weather extremes + environmental stressors. 

Active Ingredients | Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils of 

Frankincense | Encourages skin cell rejuvenation + turnover. Heals scar tissue + stretch lines. Minimizes pores, lifts, tightens and firms skin tone. Known to be anti-bacterial + reduce inflammation. 
Myrrh | Contains terpenoids which are known for anti-inflammatory + antioxidant effects. Useful for balancing + soothing skin.
Roman Chamomile | Inhibits DNA oxidative damage. Soothes, heals, and relaxes tired skin.

Secondary Ingredients | Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils of
Douglas Fir | Relaxing for nerves and muscles. May reduce fine lines caused by tension, stress, and dehydration. 
Sweet Fennel | Restores youthful glow. Soothes + heals skin

Vitamin E | Mixed tocopherols. Moisturizer + preservative. 

Select 1/2oz or 2oz amber glass dropper bottle. Not intended for internal use. Suitable for tattoo maintenance post-healing. Excellent for acne sufferers and those concerned with fine lines and aging.

We make no claims of efficacy and only offer expected results as suggestive testament from our in-house human test team and customer reviews. Please spot test before use. Do not use if irritation or redness occurs. 

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