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Hot foot powder is a traditional fix for ridding unwanted people from your life. The best remedy with the powder is to sprinkle it into someones shoes so they "hot foot away"  but without harm. You can alternatively put the entire bottle under a doormat, or even just sprinkle it across the threshold. Ideally you will sprinkle the powder in the persons footsteps. With many options for use, you'll need knowledge needed to use this correctly. We recommend doing some research before trying it yourself.  

This powder is handmade using hand ground, home grown cayenne peppers. with sulphur, white salt, copper head skin, ground peppercorns and several other ingredients. Vial is 10ml

This item is VERY hot. IT WILL BURN THE SKIN. Be careful handling the bottle itself. Take extreme care when using this product. With purchase you are confirming your awareness of this information. We accept no liability for burns or other harm caused from inhalation, skin or eye contact. Use at your own risk! Curio only.

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