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Pleurotus Ostreatus | Oyster Mushroom | Tincture | Stress | Tension | Nourishing | Immune | Inflammation

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Pleurotus Ostreatus, or Oyster Mushroom, is a widely adaptable mycomedicinal. Studied extensively for it's powerhouse immune boosting potential, stress + tension reduction, and anti-inflammatory response Oyster Mushroom is the humble superhero of the Fungi family. 

Commonly eaten in savory dishes Pleurotus Ostreatus boasts a soft nutty + floral flavor. Mushrooms are a functional food, so we often see results in aspect to what is needed most. Oyster Mushroom exposed to the sunlight, as these were, store vitamin D. They contain essential minerals, Beta Glucans, and Polysaccharides. Oyster Mushrooms have been studied for their dietary roll in preventing and even healing inflammation both in vitro and in vivo.

The unassuming Oyster Mushroom has been studied for it's lipid balancing + cholesterol lowering abilities. Additionally the phytochemicals found in Pleurotus Ostreatus may have powerful antibacterial effects and works to both nourish, strengthen, and protect the immune system. 

Every-body is different, the timeless remedy of Oyster Mushroom wisdom adapts where it can be most helpful to each individual. 

We think it's a kick ass immune + stress tonic. Plus it makes us feel a little more youthful. Our Oyster Mushroom tincture may reverse the oxidative cellular damage resulting from the existence of social media trolls.* 

Ingredients |

 Pleurotus Ostreatus wild foraged from lightning struck Pecan trees on private + sacred ancestor land in central Louisiana. Clear Rum made locally. Berkey system purified water 1:1 ratio.

Choose from .5oz or 2oz Amber Glass bottle with dropper 

Add a dash to your hot tea or use like bitters in your favorite cocktail recipe. Therapeutic doses should be discussed with your health carer practitioner. 

This information is not intended to treat or cure any disease. As with all ills, please consult a physician. With any mycological tinctures please be advised there may be drug interactions or other reactions. We assume no liability for the use of this product. Sold as curio only! Use at your own risk. Thank you.

*unfounded claim based on our hilarious opinion

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