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Custom ceremony oils by scent preference. I'll craft an oil intuitively during ritual for each order, asking my guides for what botanicals and oils to use. All oils will have a olive and grapeseed oil base. Choose your scent and I'll handle the rest. 

Forgotten is Earthy and dark with high notes like patchouli, smoke, arborvitae, and myrrh.

Fresh is a blend of sunshine with high notes like bergamot, petitgrain, lime, red mandarin, and wild orange.

Forest is woodsy with high notes like cedar wood, Douglas fir, and cypress.

Fog is sensual and opaque with high notes like black pepper, Siberian fir, and thyme. 

Floral is sweet with high notes like geranium, lavender, lily, or ylang ylang. 

Herbs are wildcrafted or organic and I only use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils.1/2 oz glass bottle with black screw top (shown) or 2 dram (ceremony oil bottle) More photographs coming soon!

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