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This listing is for one ounce of Palo Santo wood. Palo Santo means holy wood. It is burned to purify energies. Palo Santo is ideal for protection work. Correlated often with shamanistic work in a way that involves calling ancestors or deities for guidance. 

Burning Palo Santo is highly effective for energy workers, empaths, and anyone who works with the public. It's ability to 'shed' the darkness feels almost instant. It uplifts and brightens while aiding focus + clear vision. 

The smell is so pleasant + calming it's not unusual to desire the smokey wood and it's deeply resonating effects. It's essential for travel and often works for purifying when other methods have failed. 

Our Palo Santo is sourced from Peru. Palo Santo is a protected tree due to unregulated logging. To be used for incense, the tree branches are collected by locals as they fall naturally from age or inclement weather. They are stored, sometimes for years, in order for the hardwood to develop oils. Rich in natural terpenes topical use of Palo Santo oil is common in folk medicine for inflammatory conditions. For smudging or incense use, it's known to drive away malefic or "malo" spirits. Meaning is sends bad spirits packing out the door. 

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