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Necklace | ORVCLE | Amethyst | Electroform Copper | Talisman | Aquarius | Handmade | Witchy | Gift Idea

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Beautiful Amethyst circle pendant. Copper Electroformed Jewelry. Copper fill chain is 12.5in and slips over the head. 

Amethyst is a stone of resolution. It brings about two opposing events to generate a new outcome. It is both simulating but also calming. It is soothing but also empowering. Amethyst is an important stone for healers, psychics, readers, artists and anyone who is sensitive to the flow of the divine. This cosmic stone is legendary and has been uses for ages in magic. Known as the gem of fire, we consider it an essential stone for every collection.

Our jewelry comes in a beautiful black velvet gift bag with botanical additions. 

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