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Lip Lotion | Hydra

Moisturizing lip lotion + pale tint. Glossy and fades to a rose stain. Tastes deliciously sweet + herbaceous. 

Namesake | Hydra is the largest constellation in the night sky. She's the water snake, known in legend as the being who tried to take down Hercules. Hera sent the Crab to pinch Hercules on his ankle and distract him so Hydra could kill him. Hercules got his ego hurt by that, and smashed the poor crab to bits. Hera, taking pity on the martyr decapod gave it a place in the night sky, just above Hydra, whom she died battling for. 

Hydra is known to have poisonous blood and a toxic scent that can slay a man. If you cut off one of her many snake-dragon-monster heads she'll regrow a new cluster. Then, she'll come back even more powerful. Legions in her own right, Hydra is a champion of she persisted. We're honored to name this Helio Promo product after her. 

Flavor Palette | Herbaceous + floral cilantro brings lively notes of silky licorice and optimistic citrus. High notes of Hibiscus are syrupy, tropical, and luscious. Cinnamon + Cassia balance with fiery low notes of raw brimstone and ash. Alkanet brings in an earthy, mossy, astringent undercurrent. Balm of Gilead aids in a finishing note that is rich, leathery, and smokey. Subtle low notes of Rose. Hydra is refreshing, intoxicating, alluring, encouraging, and sensual. 

Magical Attributions | Hibiscus, a key ingredient, is known for love + lust magic. It aids in beauty + grace. Cassia and Cinnamon oils both pack a powerful punch. Alkanet root is traditionally used in hoodoo to break jinxes or money blocks. It's red pigment makes it an excellent natural colorant and a fiery protector. Technically Alkanet is used for luck in risky situations.. like battling Hercules. Rose is romantic, attracting love + positive energy. Balm of Gilead is associated with healing a broken or disappointed heart. It's nourishing, encouraging, and peaceful. It is used in Hoodoo to end arguments + fights

.5oz screw top tin. Other ingredients include organic shea butter, castor oil, and jojoba oil. May melt over 85F. We use organic botanicals and certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. 

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