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Lip Lotion | Endless | Lip Balm | Handmade | Vegan | Allspice | Catnip | Clove


Endless is a lip balm created to celebrate life. For the first time we've used vegan beeswax, sourced from Sumac, along with shea butter for a product that moisturizes like a lip lotion but has the consistency of a lip balm with a subtle gloss finish. The sheer rosy pink hue flatters all skin types and is an incredibly subtle pigment. Whole organic botanical ingredients include alkanet, catnip, allspice, black and blue salvia, and douglas fir tips with certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils of wild orange, douglas fir, and clove. Endless has a mild plumping action. It's subtly spicy and sweet. The scent story is comforting, protective, and may conjure memories of winter seasons, nostalgic days of youth, and cuddles. Endless is our studio felines favorite product to date and wearing it has meant lots of kitty kisses. We source organic ingredients. Vegan and gluten free. 


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