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Santísima Muerte Incense Blend

Santisima Muerte, the holy mother of death, is a patron saint sacred in Mexico and surrounding countries. She protects us from harm. She shields us from life's storms, our enemies, and our own deepest fears. Her comfort is that of great guardian and holy redeemer. She is the queen of mothers. The protector of home, women, animals, and children. She banishes those with malefic intents aimed to hex, jinx, or curse us. She has the ability to remove obstacles, keep us safe, bring in abundance and good fortunes, and open pathways for us to move forward. 

Scent + Energy Palette |
Soothing and calming like a protective dungeon or fortress. Echoes of melancholy waft through the air as an organ plays a haunting melody. Slightly sweet + spicy coupled with the uniquely enticing aroma of dragons blood. Amber wafts with vanilla + sugar notes. Licorice and low tones of cleansing, astringent herbs. Smoky and powerfully consuming. We are honored to create this for our holy mother.

Ingredients |

Dragons Blood Resin | Powerful + protective energy. Connects to sources of divine love. Exorcises evil. Restores power. 
Amber Resin | Fiercely protective. Restores immortality to the soul + aids in attracting positive energies.
Yerba Santa | Protection + Healing. Powerful herb for removing hexes. 
Elderflower | Exorcises those with malefic intent. Protects + heals. Aids in peaceful sleep by guarding the spirit. Brings in prosperity. Removes crossings.
Anise Seed | Luck + Intuitive guidance. Feeds spirits + wards away evils.

This incense can be used in protection, abundance, blessed home, and road opening spells. In shadow it may also be used to draw out your enemies or hex those who've harmed you.

Comes in wax pouch. We use fair trade and/or ethically wildcrafted and/or organic botanicals. 

Petition to Santa Muerte
Nuestra Madre Muerte Santísima, te pido que me abres un camino. Dale bendición a nuestra casa humilde. Te pido que me bendices con tu fruto para que yo pueda compartir con otros. Ayúdame sanar para que yo pueda ayudar a otros sanar también. Bendíceme con la fuerza necesaria para terminar a mis enemigos. Madre Bendita, te pido que protejas a mi, mi familia, y a los que te más necesitan en la comunidad. Te agradesco y te ofrezco mi amor.

Our lord and mother Santisima I ask you open a pathway for me. Bless my humble home. I petition you to bring me the abundance I need so I may bless others. Help me heal from the wounds of my past. So I may help those less fortunate than myself. Grant me the strength I need to surmount my enemies. Blessed mother I ask you protect me, my family, and those in the community who need you most. I thank you and offer you my gratitude and love. 

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