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RESURREXION hair mask is a personal recipe that is finally being shared. Designed to grow, thicken, and nourish the hair + scalp. RESURREXION can be used daily but 1-2xs per week will generate results. Hair will be more shiny and soft. After a few weeks overnight use, about one full bottle of product, you should begin to see thicker, fuller hair. We recommend 3 months of regular hair treatment followed by 2x monthly maintenance. This product can also be used as a light hair gloss. Suitable for all hair types. 

Directions as shown on label |

After washing hair in the shower before bed massage 1/2oz hair from scalp to ends. Squeeze excess water from hair by hand post-shower and plastic wrap oiled hair overnight for best results. 

RESURREXION Ingredients |

Hexane free Castor + Almond oils with Lavender*, Cypress*, and Petitgrain* essential oils.

*Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils

4oz Amber flip top bottle

Result may vary.

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