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Forest Witch | Face + Body Butter | Moisturizer | Vegan | Shea | Mango | Refreshing | Uplifting | Coconut Oil | Amber | Lavender | Cypress

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Forest Witch Face + Body butter is a flexible product designed for spiritually sensitive human people. The ingredients reflect the essence and true nature of the pacific northwest while the actual results mimic the soothing, grounding, calming, and restorative nature of the forest itself. The product itself is light, airy. There are layers of scents ranging from fresh waters to soothing lavender or astringent cypress. Imagine a walk through the forests of the Pacific Northwest in July. This is that feeling, scent, and memory. The scent palette is uplifting, warm, and clean. It's both intriguing and long lasting, but not overpowering. 

Ingredients | 

Mango + Shea butters
Avocado + Coconut oils

Lavender* oil | Soothes and calms. Promotes lustrous skin.
Cypress* | Tones and nourishes. Grounding + restorative.
Siberian fir* | Promotes relaxation and reduces oxidative damage.
Petitgrain* | Refreshing and uplifting. Relieves stress + anxiety.

House made Amber compound | Amber resin, grape seed + olive oils
Vitamin E oil | Mixed tocopherols moisturize, heal, and preserve the product
Steric acid | Fatty plant esters which act as a binding agent 

*Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils

Further details |

Most of our test pool, all willing human people, noted the fragrance was pleasant, inspiring, and sexy. Our feedback averaged 1-2 hours of lasting aroma and up to 8 hours of moisturizing results. 

Suitable for all skin types. Vegan. Gluten free. Made by hand in small batches.

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