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Flying Salve | Craft | Ointment | Datura | Mandrake | Spearmint | Rosemary | Shea | Magic | Witchcraft

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I began making and selling craft about a year ago. I wanted to offer something that shifted the mind into a state of relaxation without feeling drowsy. I’ve reformulated Craft many times since then to get the perfect balance of strength. Craft boasts datura, spearmint, rosemary, mandrake, and other whole botanicals. I’ve also included certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils of rosemary, spearmint, and a few others. Flying salves have been used for witches for centuries for vision quests, healing work, divination, and all types of spirit communication. I use mine on the wrists and behind my ears. I recommend experimenting with this product and finding what amount and route works best. Do not apply near the eyes, mouth, or neck.

The scent is spearmint and rosemary forward with low notes of earthy mandrake and soft florals.

2oz or .5oz screw top tin.

Craft is meant to be used in small quantities externally and with caution. I do not assume liability for misuse of this product. Test skin before application. This is sold as “curio only”.

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