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Ceremony Oil | High John | Anointing | Candle Work | Dark Moon | New Orleans | Handmade | Organic | Witchcraft | Curio


High John Oil has been used by southern root workers for generations for empowering, luck, domination, and protection work. Named for an Afrikan prince stolen and sold into slavery, the famed root speaks to the unbreakable spirit of his determination. Legend has it, that he returned back to Afrika and left his root here. His "root" of course symbolizes his testicles, Like the ridiculous saying goes "grow a pair" to create courage and gusto ... okay or just work with High John!

Traditionally associated with "male only" conjure working, we believe High John is just as empowering for femme humans and work with it regularly ourselves. 

High John can be used in gambling hands, protection from hoodoo curses or jinxes, to attract a lusty lover, or to aid in personal confidence. High John is a very well known conjure recipe and also makes a great gift. Each vial of High John conjure oil comes with it's own root inside (not pictured).


High John Root, Olive Oil, other essential oils+. 

*Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils

2 dram vial. We source organic, wildcrafted, and fair trade ingredients for botanicals, oils, and dried herbs as often as possible. 


Sold as curio only.


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