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Fast Luck Oil
 Used in blockbuster, uncrossing, gambling, and luck drawing works. This is a highly popular + well known ritual oil used for a long time here in New Orleans. Most people have heard of fast luck oil, it is basically famous! Akin to the horseshoe shape, it's said hanging one above your door drives away evil witches. 

Fast luck can be used to feed a mojo hand, to draw in money, love, or power. It typically works quickly, hence it's name. It's especially important with Fast Luck workings your intention is clear and without doubt. 


Featuring oils of wintergreen, patchouli*, cassia*, and more. With whole botanicals of juniper berry, cinnamon, clove, and rose. The aroma is both cool and clearing with a low note of rose and high notes of mint, clear air, and crisp energy. Each vial contains magnetic pyrite, ideal for drawing in desires.

*Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils
2 dram vial. We source organic, wildcrafted, and fair trade ingredients for botanicals, oils, and dried herbs as often as possible. Fast Luck oil is not suitable for human persons with nut allergies. 

Sold as curio only.

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