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Select your color preference or choose by need below. Listing is for a single 4" chime candle. 

Red | Commonly used to "boost" anything that needs a little extra fire energy red candles are great for lust/passion spells, power/domination works, and hot footing.  

Pink | The color for love, mental peace, matriarchal ties, and friendship. Used in spells for self love, attracting platonic friendships, or sweet romantic love. 

Yellow | Linked to mind workings, vitality, or as a more mild boost than red. Yellow is the color many spells for clarity or angelic realms require. 

Orange | Commonly used for creativity work, desire spells, and to break free from "the blues". Orange is our favorite for road opener. spells as well.

Blue | Ideal for renewal healing, psychic protection, meditation or in active dream workings. We also like blue candles for strength and integrity spells as well.

Light Blue | Serene by nature light blue candles are great for peace working. They are also used for court cases or any situation which needs to be "taken down a notch" needing calm or peaceful energy.

Purple | We love to use Purple candles for uncrossing work and for amplifying intuitive skills. It can be used for psychic protection, creative projects, and spiritual business works.  

Green | Green is the easiest color attribution- Money, success, fertility. It is also wonderful for seeding works. Used also for health and growth spells.

Black | Black is the color of the veil, it is all colors and absorbs all matter + energy. Black is used often in protection + banishing work.

White | Said to be whatever you ask it to be the color white is commonly used for cleansing, purification, and wish works.

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