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Temple perfume oil is an all purpose grounding, strengthening, empowering, and awakening ceremony oil. It can be used in candle dressing, in baths, in sachets or poppets, or as a ritual anointing oil. Temple can also be worn daily on the wrists, heart, and on the back of the neck. It possesses a sweet, nourishing, sensual aroma.

Temple boasts alluring and protective ingredients like certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils of Vetiver, white fir, clove, lavender, sweet fennel, and in-house made amber compound in a base of coconut and olive oils. Whole organic botanicals of coffee, vanilla seed, and red clover. The fragrance is subtle yet powerful with notes of tobacco, coffee, Vanilla, licorice, and sweet florals like neroli and clover.

Sold as perfume oil + curio only.

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