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Ceremony Scent | Endless | Natural Perfume | Ritual | Sexy | Spicy | Sweet | Heathen | Self Care


Scent Story |
An ancient, raw heart opens into the realm of cavernous time. Beating and crimson it screams from within. The endless and unnerving appeal of raw sexuality centered from the mystical first gardens of existence. Blood, carnage, and the destruction of paradise unfold before you. The rapid and cathartic re-birth of time hits your cerebral awareness. You become awakened rapidly by the forbidden fruit of the gods. Glamouring, bewitching, casting each spell with ease. A witch reborn by myth, by epoch. An experience only matched with a sweet, sensual, inviting aroma. One that brings you in and entrances your every cell. A serpent in the tree emerging. Promises whispered in your ear "Do thou wish for immortality? Do thou crave endless fruits of knowledge?" This is the Genesis of your time here birthed by the unfolding of love.

High notes of Apple, Moss, Dragons Blood, Sandalwood, Smoke, and Jasmine. Low + mid notes of tobacco, licorice, myrrh, and roaming woods. The essence of dew ripe from a fragrant apple on a satisfying Summers day. The feeling of conjuring bliss, romance, and satisfying encounters. Dopamine and serotonin rush through your body as your heart pumps louder.. harder.. wider. The serpent has come. Embody and embrace your true nature, heathen child. This is the Endless road to you.

Ingredient Call out | Sandalwood, Dragons Blood Resin, Jasmine Buds, Palo Santo, White Fir, Douglas Fir, Fennel, Clove, Arborvitae, Vetiver, Cassia, Star Anise, Tobacco, Smoke, Frankincense, Myrrh, and others. 

Whole Botanicals | Organic and/or Wildcrafted and/or Fair Trade
Essential Oils | Certified Therapeutic Grade and/or Organic 

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