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Ceremony Salve | Salvation | Rosemary | Vetiver | Patchouli | Ginger | Bergamot | Basil | Cardamom | Love | Magic


Salvation is a triple passed infusion of Rosemary powder and organic shea butter. Set with intention that love is all we have. This brand new product was crafted under the shift of Uranus into Taurus. Salvation is designed to ground, calm, and nourish it’s wearer.

Made with certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils of alluring and grounding Vetiver, body love Patchouli, enchanting Cardamom, romantic Ginger, herbaceous Basil, and bright Bergamot.

High notes are deeply rosemary forward with backbones made of fresh mud, grass, promises, youth, sunshine, and savory herbs. Middle notes are citrus and root forward with reminders of Summers known, comforting aroma of Earth, and cheerfully juicy citrus rinds.

Salvation’s scent story tells the tale of reuniting with old flames, and kindred spirits. Salvation reminds us that the pieces of our heart can be gilded and restored by remaining open. Creeping back in, the ghosts we’ve kept alive within us over centuries. The soul remembers it’s desire to be discovered and seen by it’s others. We know who our humans are. This is the archetype of Pluto, discovering the soul itself. We find our mirrors, our soulmates. This is the love and power of witches. Finding all of our love in this lifetime is our journey back to our self, our joy, and our experience as a human being. Being present, being centered, being at peace. Love is all around. Salvation is real.

2oz screw top tin.

This product is dedicated to Lo.

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