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Sangre is a ritual ceremony + perfume oil. With ingredients like mystical Damiana, fiery clove, and entrancing Gardenia the low notes are floral, spicy, sensual, and alluring. Mid grassy notes of Cilantro and Catnip. Low notes of fennel, dew, olive, and coriander. 

Sangre was created in house for specific needs. Combining the traditional application of Fiery Wall of Protection oil with our my specially crafted Romance oil. Sangre allows the witch to open their heart to accepting love both from within and without. Sangre can support healing a broken heart while allowing it to be refilled with joy, confidence, and peace. It can also be worn as an protective, love attracting oil. We adore this product and created it for our friends to use while actively dating, perusing new connections, and working on self care for healing.

The word Sangre means blood. When we can heal confidently, the flow of life becomes easier. Our sacred life force is held inside of our veins. Restore your heart and be gentle with yourself. Suffering brings strength. Take heart, brave one. Rise up and feel your blood. Create ritual to soar. Sangre gets you there. 

As always, made with whole organic botanicals and certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Contains avocado. 15ml screw top glass bottle.

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