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Ceremony Oil | Gato Negro | Necromancy | Commanding | Business | Petitioning | Vegan | Curio


Two yellow eyes glowing in the dark. Silent through the night. Not here or there. A twitch of the tale. El Gato Negro. 

Ideal for necromancy work, luck, commanding, domination, and hexing. Suitable for wearing on skin or candle anointing. The scent is deep, floral, and sweet.



With essential oils of clary sage*, birch*, patchouli*, basil*, and more..
*Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils

With whole botanical ingredients like sage, bay leaves, myrrh...


The oil is infused with the hair of a black cat and a small pyrite stone for luck + protection. 


2 dram vial. We source organic, wildcrafted, and fair trade ingredients for botanicals, oils, and dried herbs as often as possible. This is a vegan product. No animals were harmed for the creation of this product. The hair is ethically sourced from a known and cherished feline. 


Sold as curio only.

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