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Organic Jasmine flower buds by the half ounce. With a delicate but distinct floral scent the Jasmine flower is both intoxicating, alluring, and considered a psychic amplifier. We love to use Jasmine in baths, candle dressing, and in poppets. Jasmine is popular across many cultures + types of magic. It's prized scent has been used in perfumes for generations. It's associated with the Moon. Jasmine is used in root work for attracting a lover + powerful glamour work. It also aids + amplifies psychic shields or veils.

Our Jasmine flower buds are certified organic and suitable for tea, baths, candle work, oil compounding, and more. Flowers come in a sealed bag. One half ounce is just under 1/2 cup on average. 

This is not a substitute for medical advice. please consult a qualified practitioner. Use at your own risk. We claim no liability for use. Sold as curio only. 

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