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Aries Helio Promo | Anointing Oil | Zodiac | Custom Perfume Oil | Wedding | Witch | Candle Dressing

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 | Aries scent variations are on sale during the Aries Helio Promo |

Custom anointing, ritual, candle dressing, and perfume oil. We have a vast library of certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. As well as a well stocked apothecary with herbs, flowers, fungi, and more.   

Choose from five preferences |

Floral | Sweet with high notes like geranium, lavender, and ylang ylang. 

Fog | Sensual and opaque with high notes like black pepper, white fir, and thyme. 

Forest | Woodsy with high notes like cedar, Douglas fir, and cypress.

Forgotten | Earthy and dark with high notes like patchouli, smoke, arborvitae, and myrrh.

Fresh | Blends of sunshine with high notes like bergamot, petitgrain, lime, red mandarin, and wild orange.

Choose your Zodiac sign. We'll intuitively craft an oil blend with premium oils, compounds, and botanicals. We do not take specific recipe requests. If you are reactive to anything, or just hate something specific, please let us know when you order. 2ML bottle. 

We offer this item at discount on purchases for parties, showers, and weddings etc. Please send us an email for details.

We do not use chemical aromas or oils extracted with solvents like hexane. Our carriers are organic. Our whole botanicals are fair trade and/or wild crafted and/or organic. Mixed tocopherols for preservation as needed. Compounds are made in house.

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