Healing 2017 | Turning the Wheel

This year has been like variable levels of Dante's hell in loop phases. We've definitely had to abandon hope to move forward. As the solar year comes to a close we'll be digesting the path we've adventured. That means some emotional highs and lows. It means recognizing that we may not be where we expected to be individually or as a collective. It's a great time to step back from this shit goop and take time to analyze whats going on and how far we've come. 

 Mercury is retrograde until December 23rd in the freedom loving and spiritual sign of Sagittarius. Usually this chaotic time is enough to send everyone running and screaming in terror. Sure electronics will go haywire, there will be imminent traffic delays, tons of misunderstandings, and your coworkers will gossip more. Your computer may fritz, an old lover may text you, all the usual Mercury retrograde things are bound to go down. This cycle however, may be a little different. We’re in the middle of a radical shift. This particular cycle is going to put us on a new level of resistance and change for 2018, so lets get ready for that.

Mercury turned direct conjunct Saturn, lord of structure, time, karma, and security. If the usual retrograde effects are not enough, this theme conjunction is calling out our ability to feel safe, comfortable, and free to exist in a genuine light. Karmic wounds, debts, and even karmic or fated relationships will come into play. If there’s a backpack of emotional labor or cords you’ve been carrying around, it’s unpacking itself as you read this.  

Both Saturn and Mercury were conjunct the galactic center during Mercury’s pause and illusionary reversal. The galactic center is the point from which it’s been determined our universe is expanding from. It’s the source of energy and growth in every sense. The galactic center dwells at the end of the sign of Sagittarius. Ruler of the centaur archer is planet Jupiter, who also rules expansion, luck, and spirituality. Jupiter entered Scorpio on October 10th for 14 months. During this cycle we’re going to be faced nose to the mirror with our greatest fears. We really can’t get around it. Both as a cosmic society and as individuals. This work entails drawing out our poisons and doubts, you know, our deeply seeded toxic wounds. Those things we’ve shoved down into recesses of ourself for ions, lifetimes even. Cycles that surface and haunt us. Instead of suppressing them on this wave, invite them to the table, and offer them a seat. Let your fears and doubts be heard. Talk to them, talk to yourself about them. Becoming comfortable with what we’re afraid of is the swiftest route to strength.

Chiron turned direct on December 4th. Chiron is a comet that orbits Saturn and rules our ability to heal our psychic and karmic wounds. In myth Chiron could heal everyones deeply seeded infections but neglected his own. This inability to face his own shadow eventually cost him his life. With Chiron turning direct in Pisces the shadow could not be more noted. Pisces rules the unknown, the shadow, the deepest subconscious. We're standing with swords in hand, naming every resurrected fear we've become swamped with this year. Bringing ourself from the shadows of ancient nightmares into the light and back again. This is Chiron and his gift for 2017. The emotional labor load and repeated triggering experiences in the media and beyond has varied for most of us. Being plagued with the reality of a real life horror show has been exhausting. What's become of this experience within the goblin realm has been nothing short of extraordinary. People, especially women, have come together and united in ways I've never experienced. There is a marked healing between multiple levels, boundaries, and generational diseases. Chiron pushes us, and has left us sobbing while feeling incredibly alone. Rising up from the huddle of sorrow, looking around now we realize we've never actually been alone. We are legion. There may be a great divide between the worlds right now but if you're standing on the side of justice, you're basking in the promise of a new day. You know the truth is powerful. So if you're going through hell, keep going. 

Eris has been conjunct Uranus the entire year. She's a queen of shadow work. Eris rules taking a stand against oppression. She has zero chill for struggle, inequality, and wars against anyone who’s been systematically disenfranchised. Uranus rules our radical nature. Uranus is the planet responsible for massive and radical revolutions of social change. He did it in the late 60s and he’s been back at it for years now. This conjunction is long lasting and a key part of our revolution. We have the support of the gods. We have karma and of course time on our side. So here we are, doing our thing. Damn we’re good at it too. Relentless, thirsty for blood. Eris is also bloodthirsty. Eat the rich? Eris says, fuck yeah. Schedule an entire dinner party. We’re building an entire buffet of seasoned and well fed oligarchs with a flaming pile of patriarchy for desert. We’re being drawn to break free from our lords and masters. We’re being forced to face our fear of being trapped against our will. Opening any form of social or mass media for the last year has been incredibly triggering. We’ve all torn ancient scabs off and reopened wounds we conveniently forgot existed. Some by choice, others not. 

Last year at this time Neptune was conjunct the south node, unleashing the hell of past life nightmares and DNA wounds. That was the election of the current angry orange in chief. Since then we’ve been on some kind of a bad acid trip. As we’ve adjusted to what’s sadly the new normal, we’re helping others escape their nightmares. In turn we’re helping to heal our own. It’s happening all around us. This is both necessary and it’s been on the docket for some time. Who’s the judge here? We are. If we don’t like it, the shit will have to be served a sentence.

Energy wise, Mars built this new level of resistance for us by sweeping Libra during Mercury pre-shadow phase in mid to late November. Mars entered Scorpio on December 10th and promises about 40 days of powerful willpower recharging. Mars is home in Scorpio and things that seemed impossible even six months ago will now become plausible, launching a new level of intensity into every realm of our existence. Scorpio holds nothing back. It will kill whatever is necessary to keep it’s host safe. It’s painful and uncomfortable to heal in this position, but necessary.

During this Mercury retrograde phase and through early January expect excessive word vomiting. Sagittarius is known for over-talking in the usual sense. So during this cycle be careful of saying much too much. Try to remain wordless if possible, flip the script. Focus on being within, understanding yourself better. Jupiter pushes us to seek self awareness or just to be more woke. Pay attention to the nuances that surround you. The world whispers in wonderful ways. On a practical note, Sagittarius rules excesses. With Jupiter in feral Scorpio, beware taking anything overboard at this time, especially partying.

Make plans to be better, to do better. Take better care of yourself. We can’t do this without you! If walls are crumbling, it’s to let more light in. If you feel afraid, ground yourself. Imagine you're a rose bush growing into the Earth. Your thorns protect you while you bloom with beauty. Everything is happening as it should. We are, you are, doing exactly what you should be doing. Keep doing it. You chose to be born for this. It’s a marathon not a sprint. This year was all about being patient and continuing to build a foundation for the future we all deserve. We are winning, as long as we exist and resist, we are winning. Tell yourself that more often. Whatever you need, just remember the universe has your back. Manifest what you need. Saturn stands at the center of our galaxy waiting for you to ask. Even when you feel lost, remember someone somewhere feels the same way you do. You are not alone. We’re all in this together. Do more magic! Candle and sex magic are especially powerful at this time. If you’ve been distracted and led away from your practice, you’re being called back to it. Put your energy there, into your holy body, at your altar. Feed your spirits and yourself in radical new ways. 

Come the end of this year we’ll see a shift. It may seem as if 2017 was "the worst” just remember in order to clear out the systemic infection more yuck may emerge for healing. Stay focused and true to the work you do. Put more into your spiritual life, this coming year is all about expansion. Put more care into yourself also, so you can do more for others in the future. Retrogrades are a time to re-think your state of affairs. The “Rx” for renewal. A time to wash away what isn’t working and start over. This month we’re rethinking our cosmic collective while we face everything we’ve been running away from this year. Stop running. Rest for a while. Remember what we say, all that remains is witchcraft. Turn to magic for solace. When all feels lost, your power never leaves you. Although you may feel weak, you can always rebuild your protections.

I always recommend our white bath or crystalline soak for rejuvenation. This is also a great time for the death, justice, and temperance tarot candles. Salves like Rapture or ceremony oils like Blessing oil or Uncrossing oil are indispensable through this Mercury retrograde. Use the code “2017END” for 20% off any purchase through January 5th. 

Mercury begins to turn direct on December 22nd with post-shadow lasting through January. We’re in for quite a solar new year party. What a year it's been. December is all about healing our shock factors. So rest up, buttercup. This time is for you. 

Be blessed




Eclipse of the Sacred Heart


The great North American Solar Eclipse is tomorrow, August 21st 11:50am CST reaching full potential at 1:22pm ending at 3:02pm on the polarity of Leo and Aquarius. Eclipses are a punch in the fabric of “time”. They’re a bookmark on the main theme for the entire unfolding, impending story yet to be told. They don't cause upheaval when they happen. They set into motion an energetic momentum which picks up over several weeks and lasts many months. This eclipse occurs at the 29th degree of Leo (Sun) + Aquarius (Moon) check your chart for aspects and conjunctions in tight orb. The axis of Leo [ creation, self love, vitality, strength of personal determination + will ] and Aquarius [ energetic + spiritual wisdom, radical change or revolution, humanity, new ideas, and freedom ] itself governs many forms art, genuine love for others + humanity, and social vision with a very dramatic approach to resistance and protest. 

If chaos surrounds and drowns step into the perspective that our creative vision as a whole is being repainted within a framework of a more genuine cosmic social order. We’re in a season of efficacious change. Growing pains hurt. Until we arrive, the most toxic parts of the supremacist cis-hetero patriarchy [ and the symptoms of consumer programming ] will fight for their last breaths in a desperate attempt to survive + continue to thrive. We’re also dropping any useless habits, people, or belief systems ourselves. The world is on fire. The deep personal deaths we’re all experiencing is clearly reflecting in the wider themes and vise versa. Soon the little fires will expand, as the heart of Leo's flame fans over us within the Aquarian networking wind. Shadow Leo represents kings maddened with power and greed. While shadow Aquarius seeks to avoid genuine compassion and understanding for others with selfish ideations and radical actions. Being your most genuine self is the best way to suck out the poison. Expect the poison to bite back and want a return. Try to disengage as best you can. 

To reach full potential we’re Incorporating forgiveness into the fold where we can and cutting cords with anyone who hurts our heart. Your boundaries directly effect your energy and your self worth. Without boundaries anyone can tear down your ability to fully create a life worth existing for. Don't let people walk all over you. Now is the time to reclaim your power and show the world who you are. Keep feeding the mouth of truth. Take the veil off more often and show others your real self. Even if it feels ugly, someone else will recognize your raw, honest, and open heart and follow suite. This is a network reaction. Help others because you can. Offer love when it’s needed. Support the neurotransmitter broadcasting system. Feed it what it loves and keep the protection on point. 

The static of this event axis rules dramatic acts of glamouring to gain attention, energy vampyrism, great acts of ego entitlement, angry leeches acting out, and grumpy frauds that feel fairly uncomfortable. Try to take some real Leo inspired down time with the best of everything in pleasure and self care you can imagine. Pay greater merit to your intuition, your gut feelings, and the way you react to energy. Gaping heart wounds or scars from long ago may reopen and fester. The next six months starting soon as now is an excellent time to have regular energy work done. Do it for yourself. Do it for everyone you want to see succeed. Because there are countless motivated others just like you too. Waking up to that love is unreal. It will only grow into a greater fire. As the old world burns we will shed our skins into the darkness and step forward. Open to everything that we can take in and filter through our old and broken hearts. We'll do it for ourselves and thereby, for the greater good. We have value and we can assimilate it into a creative reality. The fire walkers of our time. Step forth.


Thank you,

 C. Patton


Tarot by TheDarkExact, available here

Saturn, astrology


Saturn turned retrograde on April 7th and will remain retrograde until August 26th. What a time to be alive for a karmic sorting. Seems Amerikkka is purging intensely. Saturn, LORD of the sky, rules our finances, real estate, structure, security, need for control, and career. Saturn also rules our livelihood, many facets of our emotional well being, and our karmic "sins" if you will. Working with Saturn can feel impossible. Working against them, is not advisable. Here we're pleased to offer you our top choices for coping through this retrograde viper pit of despair. Through some essential self care, important rituals, and of course the right music you too can overcome the bog of hopelessness and rise up to champion your life once more.

King Woman | The latest release from the group fronted by our friend Kris Esfandiari blends poignant doom with ethereal shoe gaze vibes. We think after a solid listen, that you will feel restored. Or at least, validated in your 30+ year ongoing existential crisis that Saturn is clearly exasperating. Brilliant doesn't exactly cover the energy behind the latest King Woman album Created in the Image of SufferingThe album received critically acclaimed reviews by P4K and other outlets. Writer and musician Kristina Esfandiari. is a true Pisces, tapping into the fathoms of the deep in order to conjure a feeling, a spiritual experience. You can read an interview with Kris from earlier this year on our lifestyle website. During Saturn retrograde remembering that suffering is an essential part of growth is key. Realizing that in order to heal, move forward, and create you must first surrender to the chains we were born with. That is, we all suffer. This album is our collective voice. We love our close friend Kristina for being true to herself and creating music for a generation who desperately needs it. Listen and purchase King Woman on band camp. Let us know how you love it!

Palo Santo Logs |  Why burn a stick of holy wood, when there's a log. Unusual and almost impossible to find we have just a few mini "logs" of Palo Santo in house including the one shown. Only one is currently available. No worries our Palo Santo is fair trade and ethically sourced. Start a small fire with a little log and watch you worries burn away. 

Rose of Jericho | Resurrection is the word for the Rosa de Jericho. This amazing flower is really a member of the cabbage family and has quite a magical history. Although unassuming, it holds great innate powers. The plant itself can be dormant for years and looks like a broken cedar branch or tumbleweed from an old west film. However when reborn, it scatters it's seeds after blooming into a large, green, vibrant ally. Rose of Jericho is used in money, career, and fertility rituals. Since Saturn rules our karma, career, blessings, suffering, and fate, it's only appropriate to mention this protective and empowering plant. It's quite a Venusian + Saturn hybrid energy. Ideal for Taurus season and Saturn Rx workings. We do not currently stock Rose of Jericho but you can buy it locally at F&F Botanica.


Spanish Moss | We are blessed to freely harvest Spanish Moss on our family + ancestor land in the center of the state of Louisiana. Passed down for generations this land is untouched by capitalism or  pesticides and remains pure. Spanish Moss is also prevalent here in New Orleans, However we ask you do not go out harvesting potential housing, which is already scarce, from critters in our area. Spanish Moss is an air plant. Bats, spiders, and other witchy creatures call it home! It's used in very powerful protection spells. It is also used in cursing, or hex work. Doll babies, also known as "voodoo dolls" are stuffed with Spanish Moss. The Moss possesses the elements of air on the darkest night. It's malleable, flexible, and wants to assist. It's a symbiotic and unusual plant specific to our area. Well be releasing our Spanish Moss conjure oil soon, which can be used for anointing doll babies, conjure or candle work, or daily protection. Until then you can try another oil! Saturn will still be retrograde when it's released, no worries.

Palo Santo Sticks | Holy wood sticks can pretty much get you through anything! Put some in your pocket or bag to burn at anytime in your day. We carry these sticks for offerings, too. Ideal for spontaneous ritual, traveling, or any other on the go needs Palo Santo is essential. Try it for cleansing when Sage falls short. Clear your space with this grounding + calming wood. It won't fix the Saturn retrograde blues, but it can surely help lighten the load. 

Kava Kava Tincture | Piper Methysticum, also known as Kava Kava, has been used for centuries in rituals and ceremony. The root of Polynesian royalty aids in feelings of calm, grounded peace. In higher doses it can produce a trance-like state. And has been linked to shamanistic visions or dreamwork. You can read more about Kava and it's use on our Herbal Medicines listing.  We love it for Saturn retrograde because it releases the need to control, which can have annoying side effects like tension and fatigue. It's also awesome for random bouts of depression. Kava is essentially the plant of giving no fucks about stupid shit. We love it. 

HVNGR Incense | Crafted quite literally to burn the Patriarchy down HVNGR incense is all about shadow Saturn. Sandalwood, for purification. Hyssop, for protection. Dragons Blood, for power. HVNGR also contains Arborvitae, the tree of life, essential oil. Burn HVNGR for building energy during ritual work. It can boost psychic awareness and elevate energy. Designed with a focus on destroying fascism, HVNGR is not just a powerful scent, it's a tool that's essential for Saturn retrograde. Approaching our shadow with fire, we consume ourselves. The snake eating it's own tail. We are HVNGR for change. 

Hot Foot Powder | Essentially during a Saturn Retrograde shitty people will be returning to the fold. Even those who may have worn out their welcome, will somehow seem even more annoying. Want your neighbor to finally get out? Hot foot them. Got a shitty room mate? Hot Foot!! Want the bigot coworker to move across the country? Hot foot, please. Similar to damnation but a little "softer" Hot Foot just gets folks moving on their way. You can use Hot Foot in a door crossing or ideally, in someone's shoe. Purchase our powerful Hot Foot powder under the conjure section and get to work! When Saturn exits retrograde, and everyone gets moving, you'll be glad you did. 

 Uncrossing Oil | During retrograde seasons it's especially important to do uncrossing work. Crossed conditions can result in confused states or roadblocks that tend to build into a web of chaos. Retrograde periods offer a pause for us to reflect and undo old energy goop. Each RX planet is essentially a specific prescription from the void to uncross ourselves. Saturn retrograde tears away the rotted bark of sour deals with our career, real estate ventures, or authority issues. We are afforded the opportunity to move forward with a new skin. 

Pyrite Cubes | Used for attracting abundance and wealth these flashy little mirror blocks can hold quite an illusion. Ideal for working in meditation and grounding pre or post ritual. Their reflective mirror like surface can help push you into other worlds swiftly as a sneeze occurs. 

Black Kyanite | Called the witches broom, black kyanite is a favorite of occult darlings. Known to repair tears in our energy body and it's been associated with crystal healing for trauma recovery. Black Kyanite can be calming, grounding, healing. It's absolutely necessary for Saturn Retrograde and can help us focus as we rebuild the underlying structure of our lives. You can grab some from our old Etsy storefront in sets. Or you can purchase an individual blade to see how it works with your energy.

Grounding Water | Blended with anxiety management in mind Grounding Water is an old favorite of ours. One of the first products we ever created, it was birthed to aid our own stress, anxiety, and depression struggles. Since Saturn, lord ruler of depression and melancholy has gone retrograde, it's peak season for those suffering from these torments. With calming and protective Vetiver, the scent unfolds revealing the magic of Cedar Wood, Cypress, and Myrrh. With precious Frankincense to round out it's deep inner workings, the power of grounding cannot be underestimated! For use pre or post ritual, post bath, or before, during, or after interacting with muggle, this product is an essential. Here in the shop studio we cleverly call it our "bigot buster" since it's so good at helping release shitty interactions with the general public. Peaceful, clarifying, and calming.. All things that Saturn Retrograde energy needs to ground + balance!

For good measure a dose of fungal friends has been tossed into this image. I wont say which species. Just that there are tons of myco helpers out there for PTSD, anxiety disorder, depression, and all the other plagues that drown us in misery. Saturn Retrograde is a sparked potential to reignite a potential dormant disease. Discover more about your natal Saturn. Is it Retrograde? Have you finished your first Saturn return? It occurs between ages 28-31 or so. If you're a "Saturn person" you may feel it as early as 27. Saturn is the lord of karma and punishment. The Biblical story of Job speaking no curses to his lord Saturn "The good lord giveth and the good lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the lord!" is a similar fabled version of warning others not to say FML or other dumb shit. Essentially the best way to make it through a Saturn retrograde season, which again is pretty long, is to accept your past so you can move into your future. This is one of those "everything at once" kind of shit storms. Because it lasts several months, it's also temping to curse yourself, your life, or whatever in those moments. Working through karma, trauma, and pain is very hard to do. It takes courage, energy, wisdom, and hard work. Now is the time for the extra effort. As we work on our own karma we'll enjoy watching the karma unfolding like a grand piano to the head on many patriarchal figures, looking at you Fox news fam of pricks. Also our lord and angry cartoon character in-chief himself fuckwad agent orange. The good thing about star study is this: we always know who's side our planet the universal law is on, and it's not the side of her rapists. Justice comes soon enough. But until then, we will destroy and rebuild in our cycles. 

A time to slay, And a time to heal, A time to break down, And a time to build up.
Ecclesiastes 3:3

Blessed be the name of our LORD Saturn. HAIL SATURN! 

Thanks for your support, 

Rev. C. R. Patton

Christy is the owner Nola Esoteric and Founder | CEO New Orleans School for Esoteric Arts.