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New Orleans School for Esoteric Arts

Yoga for Witches | Regeneration

from 15.00

Yoga for Witches: Regeneration

Monday, April 16th 6:30-7:45

Annunciation Hall 1225 Mandeville Street

Yoga for Witches is an open-level, vinyasa class suitable for most students.  Beginning students should expect to feel challenged, and experienced students are encouraged to modify any pose to meet their needs.  Participants can expect theme-based dharma talks, breathwork, flow-based asana, and meditation. Classes near the full moon will be adapted in honor of the moon’s energy, and will encourage slowing down and turning inward, via Tranquil Flow or Yoga Nidra.

Regeneration | The Equinox. Ostara. The end of another successful Cuffing season.  Whatever you want to call the Spring season, it is upon us. Join us on this New Moon as we release what no longer serves, creating space for intentional growth, vibrancy, and magic.  We’ll practice energetic breathwork, and asana designed to raise vibrational energy, encourage expansion, and inspire lightness of being.

Text 504.313.4377 with any questions. Limited enrollment. Please pre-register. 

Sliding Scale Pricing |

♀ | $15

☽ | $20

♇ | $25

This class was created for womxn, PoC, radicals, and queer folks.  

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