New Orleans School for Esoteric Arts

Cleansing + Protection

from 15.00

Date + Time | October 4 th 7-9 pm

Location | 2619 Carondelet st


As we progress along our magickal path, our astral light shines very brightly and attracts all sorts of energies—some friendly, some not so friendly. Spiritual hygiene is a must for people who work with magic or who just need to wash off the goo and gunk of everyday existence. 

You will be introduced to several powerful methods for cleansing your body, spirit, home, workplace and loved ones of unwanted energies or influences. Additionally the key point for prevention as well will be detailed, putting up protective barriers, to ensure unwanted energies bounce right off in the future. Join us as we get clean and learn about energetic boundaries within the spirit and physical worlds.


Text Student Services at 504.670.9337 with any and all possible questions.


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