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Piper Methysticum, or Kava Kava Root, is a potent, psychoactive plant native to the Pacific. Kava is a bitter tasting herb which produces a numb feeling if chewed or savored.

Kava may promote muscle relaxation, reduce pain, and offer mood elevating deep tranquility. It has been studied for it's effects to potentially reduce mental fog, fatigue, and helpless feelings due to anxiety disorders. Although long term behavioral effects have not been proven, the short term results are promising.

The spiritual wisdom of Kava Kava opens the mind to trusting intuitive flow. It aids in releasing preconceived notions or ridged expectations. There is a sense of humor with the plant. It will push for release and then lessen it's power over the student. The magic of Piper Methysticum is that of Pacific island royalty. It promotes strength, endurance, and adaptability. It can withstand the storm.

Ingredients |

Organic Fair Trade Kava Kava Root. Clear Rum made locally. Berkey system purified water 1:1 ratio.

Choose from .5oz or 2oz Amber Glass bottle with dropper 

Discuss Kava Kava root with your health carer practitioner prior to use. Kava Kava has regulated by the FDA for it's potential to harm the liver in large quantities. Please as with all concerns consult your physician. Do not use this product without approval from your health care practitioner.Information presented herein is not meant as a substitution for medical treatment or advice. It is not advised to operate a vehicle or other dangerous equipment after using Kava. With any herbal tinctures please be advised there may be drug interactions or other reactions. We assume no liability for the use of this product. Use at your own risk. 

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