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Western Red Cedar by the half ounce. One of the most revered of all magical trees Red Cedar has a long list of associations and uses. Most notably it's uses include sanctifying sacred spaces, purifying energies, honoring ancestors, and protection. When burned it's used for exorcisms, protection, and preparing holy space for deep work. It's linked to abundance, pleasure, harmony. and joy. Our Western Red Cedar is Wildcrafted and suitable for tea, baths, candle work, oil compounding, and more. 

Western Red Cedar is known as the tree of life to the indigenous people of South Louisiana as well as the Cherokee peoples. It was used for medicine, magic and ritual. Of the four sacred plants there are Red Cedar, Sage, tobacco, and sweet grass. It's known to be carried in a pouch, pocket, or worn in the shoe for blessings, abundance, and protection. 

In folk medicine and folklore Western Red Cedar Tips is known as an anti-spasmodic, and can sooth muscle tremors. It is known to relieve inflammation, nervous tension, and often pain. Red Cedar is used in old folk medicine for it's treatment of respiratory conditions and it's said that it is soothing for the lungs, and often used for Bronchitis and sinus infections. Western Red Cedar has been studied as an expectorant, with astringentproperties. It's used as diuretic and said to potentially benefit the Kidneysbladder, and blood. The lower two chakras are associated with it's nourishing + rebuilding properties of this amazing tree. 

Sold by the Half Ounce. Comes in a paper bag. Wildcrafted.

This is not a substitute for medical advice. please consult a qualified practitioner. Use at your own risk. We claim no liability for use. Sold as curio only. 

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