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Calamus Root, also known as “sweet flag”, has been used in folk magic for centuries, for a great many things. Calamus is linked to flying salves, or "flying witches" because of it's psychoactive potential. It's a long popular magical herb, and it's said it wards away evil, snake bites, and protection. Sleeping with Calamus Root is said to bring in love, lust, money, health, and all the great many things humans consistently seek. Calamus has an enchanting, alluring, earthy scent. It's associated with calming anxiety or panic and can also aid in strength workings. It's long associated with prophecy and psychic visions during dream work and OBEs. Folk healers have burned it for respiratory aid and illnesses. The divine aroma of raw Calamus Root alone is reason enough to keep a stash in your curio. Calamus root has potential to be internally toxic and is sold as curio only.

By the half ounce, cut and sifted Calamus Root. Comes in waxed bag. 

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