About Our Shop


Nola Esoteric is the lifestyle brand of New Orleans School for Esoteric Arts. We officially opened shop February 21st, 2016. We're proud of what we sell and represent. Nola Esoteric is a women owned + run company. Our products are exclusive. Crafted by magickal people here in the city or abroad. We support our makers + team because they are family, friends, students and faculty of Nosea. 

Who we are | We are locals and transplants to the Crescent city. People born here, people brought here. People here say that New Orleans is not a city you live in, it's a city that lives in you. We operate with that knowledge as a mantra. Taking pride in our local heritage and the energy of our city, we are always creating. We visit cemeteries, we drink coffee and we read books. We're witches, absolutely. But more than that we're teachers and eternal students. Tapping into the humility that only enlightenment can bring. With gratitude we thank you for supporting us.

Each purchase you make contributes to our success + ability to support magickal living and education. We don't have a store front just yet, but with your help we'll get there soon. 

NOSEA classes operate on a pop up basis through Summer 2018. Nola Esoteric is an online shop based in New Orleans and does markets throughout the city. Follow our Instagram for up to date events and market information. 

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